Logo & Identity Design

Work with us to design a logo that creates a great first impression.

Does your brand work for you?


Does your logo design reflect you and your business? Your brand can communicate many things to your audience and is often the first point of visual contact that a prospective client or customer may have with your business.

What are the traits of a good logo?

1. It’s appropriate. It shouldn’t try to say a lot.
2. It's distinctive. Does it pass the doodle test?
3. It's simple. In order to be reproduced in a variety of sizes.
4. It isn’t about what you like or don’t like. It’s about what functions and works.
Bonus: can it pass the “slap on” test?


"I'm so glad you were the one to bring my idea to life. I want to marry my logo!"

- Idaho Construction Bonding

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