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At Graphic Zen, we specialize in crafting unique custom logos and WordPress websites. Our mission is to empower clients to stand out in today's digital landscape, leaving a lasting impression with their brand identities.

Recent Logo Projects

Logo Design

Think of your logo as the friendly face of your business, the first thing that greets your customers and says, 'Hey, we're glad you're here!' A good logo is more than just a pretty design; it's a visual handshake, an introduction that begins the story of your brand. It's like a beacon that helps your business stand out in a sea of competitors, offering a sense of familiarity and trust. When designed well, your logo becomes a symbol of your business's values, quality, and character, inviting people to learn more and remember you long after they leave.

It's the beginning of a relationship, a promise of the experience your customers can expect, and a crucial step in building a successful, beloved brand.

Recent Web Projects

Web Design

A well-designed site speaks to your visitors in a way that's clear, accessible, and reassuring, much like a trusted friend. It's the digital equivalent of a cozy, well-lit room where every detail has been thoughtfully arranged for comfort and ease. By investing in good design, you're not just building a website; you're building relationships, making each visitor feel valued and understood, paving the way for your business to thrive in the most genuine way possible.

Let us empower you. With the right brand assets and messaging, you can optimize every penny of your marketing budget, steering your company confidently forward.

Over Two Decades of Client Satisfaction

I'm so glad that you were the one to bring my idea to life. I want to marry my logo!

Jenae Sexton

Idaho Construction Bonding

Rudy has been a tremendous value and trusted resource in developing web-based solutions for my customers. Working predominantly in the insurance industry, there is a considerable amount of attention to detail required, and coupled with many regulatory do's/don'ts, I need partners who see the total vision for my projects, not just the task at hand. Rudy and GraphicZen have been partners for me.

Jeff Harvey


I recently launched a new business and needed strong branding and a website with a clear and concise message. Rudy at Graphic Zen brought expertise and advice that was invaluable! He successfully honored our ideas and goals while introducing new and simple concepts that will last the test of time.

Nick Mitchell

Capital Employment Group

In 2016, the Nagel Foundation decided to update our image and website. We hired Rudy to redesign our website and said that we wanted to manage the website ourselves, and Rudy assured us that this was possible. We also had Rudy design a new logo and look for the foundation. His creativity showed in how he married our history with our future and gave us a terrific new identity. We are very pleased with the results and would recommend Rudy to any organization looking for website design and logo work.

Curt Goldgrabe

Nagel Foundation

Graphic Zen offers a wide host of services at a reasonable rate. I've worked with Rudy and his team for a couple of years and find them responsive and knowledgeable. They offer practical advice when needed. They will help you find the right resource if a request is outside their wheelhouse. I highly recommend their services.

Beth Geagan

Management Consultant

Working as a communications consultant over the past 20 years, it’s great to work with a graphic designer who you can create a collaborative partnership with…where you communicate well with each other and trust they have captured the vision for the project. Rudy is one of those designers. He brings his expertise, direction and creativity to a project without taking over the project — and always designs something that exceeds my expectations. What more could you ask for?

Gayle O'Donahue

Communications Consultant

We have been using Rudy and Graphic Zen for many years now to create, update, and maintain our web page along with redesigning of logo and marketing. He is always responsive, professional and does a great job for our company.

Bruce Altig

Insurers of Idaho