Pro Ally

ProAlly is dedicated to ensuring that Allied Health practitioners can choose to continue their practice. Their focus is the removal of obstacles preventing these crucial members of our healthcare industry from providing care to their patients.

Their values are:

  • Bravery – Using the courage to face situations as they are – not as we want them to be
  • Rationality –Approaching problems with reason
  • Authenticity – Being true to ourselves and our values
  • Visionary – Looking ahead to the opportunities and obstacles in the future
  • Empathetic – Exercising a deliberate effort to understand others’ points of view

ProAlly wanted a logo that represented a shield but in an abstract fashion. We provided a few initial concepts, and after review, the client chose this almost finished design. After a few color adjustments, the client gave the final logo the green light, and we began the development of their website.