Beautifully Arranged Recipes By Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj 


Writing Less Damn Code


All Major Browsers Will Soon Block Flash


Do you care? (About your website?)

WordPress now powers about 25% of sites on the interwebs. Its ease of use, flexibility and power have made it a go-to choice for many business owners. Do you have a WordPress website? Do you know a business owner with a WordPress website? Is your care plan up to date? Yeah, your care plan. It’s … Read more

Logo Design: Why change?

Clients often wonder when it’s time to change, or update their logo. Do you evolve your logo (change it slightly)? Or do you revolutionize your logo, and come up with something completely different? Below are two examples of evolving and revolutionizing a logo. First we have CBS Sports, which evolved their sports logo, which had … Read more

Watch That Self-Talk Boss.

I was texting with a friend the other day who said he was glad my business was going well. Jokingly, I replied that my boss was a jerk (I’m self-employed) and that I was too hard on myself. He replied, “You should fire that guy.” You know what? He was right. As I thought about … Read more

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