History of Manchester United Jersey

With the World Cup still in full swing Chevrolet and Manchester United star in this great video showing the history of the Manchester United jersey. The Manchester fans sing “Glory Glory Man United” as they march to the stadium, where star Wayne Rooney debuts the latest jersey with the Chevrolet logo and ends by saying, … Read more

Embed Getty Images

Pop the champagne! Or wine (or your favorite beverage), because Getty Images is saving you from ripping off images on the interwebs. You can now embed Getty Images into your website, blog or social platform without feeling guilty for pirating images. From Getty Images, “Finally, everyone can enhance their online communications and express their creativity … Read more

Pay for creative work.

Would you work for free? If you do creative work (designer, artist, coder) you may have seen something like the following example that I see far too often in online forums, direct emails, or via face-to-face networking. It goes something like this: I have a small business and I would like to re-vamp our Logo … Read more


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (congratulations on the Super Bowl win!) recently asked followers to submit logo ideas for his DangeRussWilson brand. I created a few logo concepts and received thumbs up from a couple of Seahawk fans. It’s kind of hard to design something without a design brief/direction, so I took what I thought … Read more

A bit of perspective…

With all the dialogue (arguing?) going on these days on topics political/social/sports etc., it’s always a good idea to bring things back into perspective. “Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived … Read more

Threadless design – Woo Tang.

So as part of my goal to express myself creatively this year (I get to express creatively for everyone else most of the time), I’ve submitted my first design at Threadless.com. You can see the design here, and I’d be most appreciative if you’d click this link and vote a 5 for my design. If … Read more

Cliff Marks Jr. Photography

We recently had the chance to create a fun ad design for a fellow creative, Cliff Marks Jr. Photography. Cliff is the exclusive photographer for the Treasure Valley Children’s Theater and this fun shot of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ that we used for the ad is perfect to show the fun side of photography. Cliff Marks … Read more