Okay, I must admit that I rarely pay attention to the drugs being marketed on television. The supposed cure for an ailment usually comes with a litany of side effects, many that seem worse than the original “problem”. I would love to design a logo and help craft a name for some of these drugs, as the manufacturers seem to shell out boatloads of money on such projects. I would have loved to have been in the meeting for this product:


See, I was half-watching TV when the ad for this product came on and I heard “..blah, blah, blah, ass effects.” Excuse me? Ass-what?

For the treatment of acid reflux disease, Aciphex (yes, it’s pronounced “ass-effex” but sounds like “ass-effects” to me), brings to mind a whole buffet of side effects. None too pretty either. For those that suffer from this, I sympathize – I really do. It’s still funny though.

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