The Food Network

Or should I say “The Fewd Network”? Appears they are working the staff too hard, or they don’t hold the production staff to the same exacting ‘You’ve got to get this right’ mentality that I see being preached on The Next Food Network Star. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Food Network. It’s the most watched channel in my TV lineup.

However, while watching the show ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate: BBQ’ last night, I caught this typo.
food oopsNo, it’s not a photoshop – I even DVR’d the episode to make sure I was seeing what I thought I caught the first time. Sure enough, someone at The Food Network made an oops with the word ‘restaurant’. Now fix it and go grill me up something Bobby Filet. 🙂

Oh, coming soon – the Graphic Zen sledge on the Food Network logo. Stay tuned.

Thought for designers (& business owners)

Attention entrepreneurs/business owners: what business are you in? Attended a great business seminar today and was asked that question by one of the speakers. If you answered, “I’m in _____ business”, chances are that you are not as successful as you should be. The speaker challenged us to think that we were all in the “people business”. We need people (clients/customers) to survive and excel in our business. How we treat (service) those clients determines our success and growth as a business. Basic maybe, but true. What say you?

Marathon..and on…and on.

Training continues for the Seattle RNR Marathon. Did 14 miles last Saturday and came to the realization that this is eating up a lot of life. Eat, run, sleep. Occasionally get some work in. How you runners do it? Going to try tweaking the diet a bit to gain some energy for the long runs. Now back to Top Gear, a proper show about driving (mostly) proper cars – not running 26.2 bloody miles.

Who’s afraid of a little girl?

Not you? Then I suggest you watch a Japanese movie called “Pray”. It will give you the screamin’ heebie jeebies. Some of the last few big “horror hits” in the U.S. were actually remakes of Japanese horror films – “The Ring” for example. I actually find the Japanese version scarier. Not sure why I’m posting this in April instead of October – just a random sledge thought I guess.


What is it about April that makes me want to go out and play golf? If it weren’t for the rain, wind and hail, I’d probably be out on the course. Noonan!

Graphic design for small business.

Have recently received numerous requests from new/small business regarding my services. I like the pioneering spirit of the entrepreneur! Despite government interference, we (small business) will rise from the ashes of layoffs, downsizing, bankruptcy, etc., to forge a new product, industry or service! Power to the business people. Amen.

Limited Time & Opportunity.

Considering the current economic conditions, I was asked this question last weekend: “If you operated out of the mindset that you had limited time and opportunity to leverage for future gain, how would this change your financial decisions?

Would you go for it? Or play it safe and hang on to what you have, even though there is the chance for greater gain? Let’s try this: strike the word “financial” from the above sentence. Now what does that mean to you? Say that you know you are going to be laid off from your company. You know you have a limited time and opportunity to create/affect the opportunities and relationships in your daily life. You can reach out and do your best to contact everyone in your network, offering to help and informing them that your situation may be changing. Or you can sit back and let life deal the hand for you. What’s your choice?