Stand Up America

Are you ready to Stand Up America?

On December 7, 2012 one of our clients, Derrick Boles began a journey of more than 1800 miles. Derrick and his Stand Up America campaign is an inspiring journey. Using an Elliptigo cycle, Derrick will ride from San Diego to New Orleans, with stops along the way to promote “the underdogs”, the non-profits, organizations and individuals that make a difference in their community. Often these “underdogs” are limited in funds, volunteers, and resources, yet they continue to provide, mentor, and make that difference.

After building the website for Stand Up America, Graphic Zen continues to provide ongoing support to Derrick by uploading videos to his site from his YouTube Channel. If you are interested, we encourage you to follow Derrick’s journey, and if you really want to help – consider making a donation to Stand Up America.

As Derrick says: Take the challenge, make the change and Stand Up America.

The Creative Adjustable Desk

The Adjustable Desk Project…

Lately, I’ve been investigating adjustable desk options that would allow me to stand and continue working. I’m not a sit for 8 hours a day type of designer. My cousin is a talented wood worker so I tasked him with researching adjustable height desks for me, so that we might build one.

In his research, he came across these awesome vintage/retro looking tables from Vintage Industrial in Phoenix, AZ. I love the heaviness of the table shown, with the crank wheel to adjust the height. There’s something so organic about the design that appeals to me, and just having something like this would inspire much creativity I think.

While the “space-age-techno” adjustable desks are nice and certainly functional, this steam-punk looking desk just seems invite you to come over and touch the surface. I also think the contrast between a computer/modern device sitting on this would look great.

So now it’s our turn. Armed with some inspiration, my cousin and I are in the planning stages of creating an adjustable desk for my office. I’ll keep you posted, most likely have something finished around the first of next year.

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