A logo can make your business memorable and unique. So that we can design an awesome logo for you, we first need to learn as much as possible about your business, target audience, vision and anything else that might be related.


It's a bunch of questions and the goal is to pre-determine if we're a good fit for each other. Once we know a little more about your project, and if we're a good fit and we honestly believe we can help, we'll be in touch to discuss next steps. If we aren't able to help we'll still try to point you in the right direction. Sound fair?

So let's hear more about your project.

= required.

How does your business make money?
Be honest and we will tell you what we can and can't do. A solid budget helps us plan the project to provide the best possible solution for your needs.
We need to know which formats, sizes and shapes you need, and whether it's for print or digital or both.
Generally this requires more time to produce your logo.
Please list the brand colors you already use or the ones you think you'd like to use.
If we could hit a home run and create your project tomorrow, what would a successful delivery of this project accomplish?
Tell us about your competitors. Who else is competing for the attention of your ideal client and what are they doing that you think is working?
We do original work, so don't ask us to copy a logo by "changing a couple of things." Seriously. Only cheeky monkeys do that.
Feel free to add anything you think will help us to create a successful project for you.

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