SEO and Social Media Services

Outflank your competition with our SEO, social media & content strategies.

Why utilize one or more of these services?

Traditional forms of advertising and capturing your customer's attention has changed. How many people still get the newspaper delivered? Many TV viewers have "cut the cord" and watch shows on streaming services via their phone or other mobile devices. If you want to be relevant, you have to use new ways to reach your potential audience.

What exactly do we do to help you?

We help you engage with current and potential customers. We utilize the power of your social media accounts, your website, and search engine optimization to create strategies designed to reach your potential clients and keep your current clients informed about your company. Each service is described below.

How is it going to help your business?

Every business wants to "be #1 on Google". Do you have a strategy to get there? Do you have the time needed to create the content, post to your social accounts and perform SEO tasks on each page of your website? By using our services you will increase your search engine ranking through these strategies, and you will effectively engage and reach a larger audience.

Social Media Management - $500/Month

  • Create and maintain desired social media accounts (up to 3), or add to existing ones
  • Regularly post unique content on each platform in order to build exposure, brand equity, and search engine visibility (approximately 3-5 posts per week per platform)
  • Work to increase community interaction, brand recognition and loyalty with geo-targeted content and networking
  • Create opportunities to send traffic to targeted content on the website, increasing conversion opportunities
  • All inboxes are monitored during business hours (and after hours as possible)
  • Questions, comments, and concerns received through social media channels will be promptly responded to during regular business hours and as possible through evenings and weekends

You will receive a monthly after action report that will show information regarding work accomplished and progress made.

Blog Content Creation - Varies, starting at $100 per post, recurring monthly

Few business owners have the time to consistently create relevant articles and share company news with current and prospective customers. Our monthly blog content creation service allows you to improve your search engine results by creating blog posts for you.

  • On-site blog content created and optimized for your niche and audience
  • Google favors sites and brands that are always updating and creating new content. Our approach will help people in the area find you on Google organic search
  • Articles will be unique and at least 500 words in length

Search Engine Optimization - Varies, starting at $875, recurring monthly

  • Improving your site’s search visibility by making informed SEO decisions based on empirical data and market research. We employ SEO strategies to increase these areas:
    • Organic search traffic
    • Total number of ranking keywords
    • Ranking improvement for specific pages or content
    • Increase in customers converted
  • We typically help secure (if not already done) essential business citations like Google Business, Bing Business, Yahoo Business Directory, Google Maps/Knowledge Graph, Google + Verified Business, etc. which is called “citation building.”
  • A campaign typically (but not always) includes the following:
    • Keyword discovery (what KW’s work best in your industry)
    • Competition research
    • Changing site content to reflect optimized keywords
    • Optimizing “Title Tags” and “Meta Descriptions” to fit desired KW set
    • Observing results over time
    • Making new changes based on past performance observations
  • Google Analytics: These analytics can be used to show many site SEO improvements and results
  • NOTE: SEO work is not an exact science as Google purposefully hides or otherwise obfuscates the specific ranking factors of their search algorithm. The work we perform is intended to be in line with industry best practices for optimization, using the highest standards of SEO. However, we cannot guarantee any specific results regarding various keyword phrase rankings, traffic, conversion, or other factors. Our SEO services strive to help maximize the potential for those factors to be increased

You will receive a monthly after action report that will show information regarding work accomplished and progress made.