Empower Boise is an experiential training seminar that guides individuals to be more effective in the personal and professional lives.

We were asked to create a new logo and website that would help them launch a new phase of their training. The new website gives Empower the ability to take and track online registrations, which has made the administration of the seminar much easier to manage.

The “before” logo had many elements going on. One important element to the client was the starfish, which is a symbol of the seminar training. We kept the starfish and incorporated it into the “o” of the logo, and utilized a stronger font to give emphasis to the word “empower”.

Old Logo

New Logo




We are super excited with the new logo and the new look you have created for the website. We really like it a lot!

Thank you so much for all your time & energy making the Empower website so much better & the registration and payment process so effective.  It's working great and making our job so much easier.