Project: Corvi - Empowering Medicine


Doug Wegner is an acupuncurist, lecturer, and alternative medicine specialist that needed to distinguish himself from the stereotypes associated with this industry.


I suggested we avoid the use of the word "acupuncture", as that service only represented a small part of Doug's practice.

We had a few name ideation sessions, and through that process, Doug stated that his ultimate goal was to teach people how to use nutrition, exercise and other alternative medicine techniques to enhance their core vitality. So, after some additional name scribbling, we shortened core vitality to "Corvi". Doug liked the sound of the name, as it was easy to say and it "felt" right to him.

From there we worked up a few concepts and ultimately created the logo you see here. The dragonfly represents the "green/natural" aspect to Doug's business, and the constructed letters represent the different pieces that go into making one whole, or healthy when utilizing alternative medicine. The colors were chosen to represent the vibrancy, harmony and balance that we should strive for in our lives.

We plan to start on his website once he has returned from his educating schedule.