The Art of the Car

Can vehicles be considered art? Watched an episode of “Top Gear” the other night and the hosts entertained the topic, going so far as to set up their own exhibition of what they considered art at a local museum. Of course, it was Top Gear so it was all a bit cheeky, and they caused me to think about it. Are cars art? Do auto manufacturers consider the “looks” of a model in the design phase? The Bugatti Veyron, yes…the Pontiac Vibe, no. Is it subjective? Perhaps. What do you think?

Meridian Food Bank

Created a new look for Meridian Food Bank recently and will be utilizing it on their new website as well. The client stressed that it was important to keep the “bowl theme”, because that was a strong memory for he and his wife from their missionary work. “Too many empty bowls.” he said, during our initial meeting. New look is already being utilized in various fund raising projects for this non-profit. If you feel obliged, you can still donate via the current website by clicking here.

Well, it was funny the first 299 times…

My apologies (I’m sorry!) to all Tweeters out there, especially my followers, for my repetitive Nigerian bank scam tweet. I’m sure it was funny the first few hundred times you saw it. :-0 See, I was trying out a tweeting software to schedule tweets and added that one. Instead of selecting “Publish Once”, I somehow selected “Publish Every 15 Minutes”. Yikes! Wasn’t even aware of it until my brother sent me a “Dude, you are SO annoying!” email. Feel like a newb, I suck – I know – but hey, no excuses. I screwed up and I’m fessing up – and asking for your forgiveness.

I’d like to thank those of you (especially tacullum) who had my back and replied that I was going for a scam. Now I know why he kept sending that to me, cause he kept seeing my freakin’ tweet every 15 minutes! Dude is cool though, cause he cared enough to tweet and that’s why I love Twitter – you get to meet nice people.

Oh, and if you don’t know what the Nigerian Bank scam is, check your junk mail or click here. And for heaven’s sake, don’t you dare fall for the scam. Tweep out.